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Surprise Me
  • Surprise Me

    Surprise Me (Savage Vipers MC #3) by Anne Storm

    I was a stranger to him, but I knew exactly who he was. My brother’s friend.
    When I saw the opportunity to have him, I took it, even knowing the consequences could ruin us both. It was a decision I’d never regret.

    I left on a family vacation the summer before senior year with an ache in my heart. Tripp couldn’t come with us. He had to stay behind because if he gave up his prospect position with the Savage Vipers, he would never have another chance. I understood, but I also felt like maybe my leaving for the summer would be the end of us.

    I reassured June that her trip abroad wouldn’t ruin us. In fact, I was planning on making her my old lady once she got back. By then, I hoped to have my patch and it would be nothing to make it official.
    Then, I met Kim.
    It was one night.
    One mistake.
    It changed everything. The entire course of my life that I once saw with June fell away in an instant.

    *Note: This bonus book dives into the past of the MC President's life, when Tripp was just a prospect. The timing of the storyline in this book is important to things that will happen in Book 4, Baby Me (which focuses on Tripp's life in the present timeline). While you can dive into book 4 without reading about his past with Kim and June, you will get much more out of that book if you read Surprise Me first.

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      Copyright Notice

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