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The Infinite Beat

The Infinite Beat

The Infinite Beat (T.I.E. Book #2)



I was a stowaway, on tour with a rock band, because my brother and I both lost our paying gigs when his band Seduction and Sacrifice imploded. David had been their bass player; and I'd been their merch girl and all-around gofer.

Instead of going on tour as part of the opening act David ended up getting a spot with the road crew. He pulled me along since we no longer had a means to afford our crappy L.A. apartment. I pretended to be one of the guys and blend in. It worked until he saw me, saw through my disguise, and then changed my world.



That was no dude dropping stuff by my kit.

Too slight. Too sweet. Too beautiful for anyone to mistake her as anything but the feminine perfection she was yet the morons on the road crew had referred to her as a dude named MJ.

One look from her stopped me cold. One smile of hers skipped my heart. One laugh brought it all back

into focus. Then, one test changed everything.



The Infinite Everything (T.I.E. Series)

Book 1: The Infinite Something

Book 2: The Infinite Beat


Coming Soon:

Book 3: The Infinite Truth

Book 4: The Infinite Triangle

Book 5: The Infinite Everything


The Infinite Beat was updated in Sept. 2022 (new book cover, more story content). It was originally published in March 2019.

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